Welcome to the Candy Shop

We’re excited to announce the introduction to a new age of technology, innovation, investment, and hospitality. We will offer a whitelist to the exclusive Candy Shop Collection in the coming months. Complete the form to receive exclusive updates and an invitation to the project DISCORD. 

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The Innovation in the candy shop.

The Collection

The total Collection Size will be limited to 12,000

There will be 999 Variations of our 12 Star Characters.

Traits of Characters

Each character will feature a unique set of variations, ranging from accessories to style. We know you're going to feel a connection to one or more. 


By owning one of SHOTS NFTs, you will have exclusive access to pass income/revenue opportunities. This will also allow you access to future tokens netting shares/stake in future SHOTS locations.

Distribution / Community

We will release a WHITELIST Guests will have access to this list by completing tasks, chatting in community chat,  as well as inviting friends to chat. All WHITELIST members will have access to pre-sale at a discounted rate. We will then go into public offering seven days after. NFTs will be randomly generated and sent out to all buyers – 7 days after the public offering (or 2 days after selling out).

Join the Discord

Connect now and stay up to date on the latest details, timelines, updates and more. We have extensive steps ahead as we work to create an exciting and innovative approach to NFTs and future concepts and growth. 

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