shots nfts

Discover Rare, Super Rare and Legendary NFT
arts and get ready to break the metaverse.

The story

SHOTS was already on a mission to grow into new markets when the strength of the blockchain became apparent to the Owners. The blockchain seemed like the natural evolution for the SHOTS brand. A truly decentralized way through which to scale our brand and develop its story in the process. With over 9 years of operating history under our belts in Miami and 6 years in Orlando, it was time to take the SHOTS concept to new markets – New Orleans being the first of many.

We thought it was appropriate to apply blockchain technology and scale through the power of revenue shares. This is how we have structured our NFT offering in collaboration with TOKEN Hospitality. Please dive in and learn more so you can see how we are helping our community grow alongside us.


Phase 01

SHOTS NFT Candy Shop Drop – purchase SHOTS Candy Shop NFT’s and become part of the story.

Phase 02

TOKEN Hospitality scales operations and brings multiple hospitality venues online under its’ DAO – don’t limit your growth in the Hospitality space to just one concept.

Phase 03

SHOTS Metaverse location – we will have a presence in the major metaverse projects at that time where we blend the real and the digital. SHOTS metaverse will have social and private elements to it that will make you forget where real ends and digital begins.


We have created a team that is hyper focused on the Hospitality segment as it relates to marketing and operations and we have combined it with a team of NFT and blockchain industry experts. Carefully curated as the project developed, we have a stellar team that is highly qualified to execute this project at a high level. Since trust, clarity and accountability is what we believe in and thrive on, our entire core team is fully doxxed. Please join our Discord for a chance to meet us all.


SHOTS is a lifestyle brand and that means it comes with all the goodies. Get in early on exclusive merchandise drops designed exclusively for SHOTS Digital.

Special events? Yes Please! At SHOTS, we host events regularly and we have some pretty interesting parties in mind for this entire SHOTS Digital effort. Get in early and stay in the know.

Ever wanted to own your own bar? This is your chance. Don’t let these bragging rights pass you by. Act today!

Don’t sleep on HCoin. We mean it. Keep an eye on this one. We have plenty of projects in the pipe to keep this healthy.
Get in on the TOKEN Hospitality DAO and earn the voting rights to help us determine what and where the next project should be.



Our NFT’s will be competitively priced considering the value of the utility tied to the project.  Though they are not yet priced, the price should fall in the range of .09 – .3ETH.  One would be wise to do their best to lock them in at whitelist for pennies on the dollar.

The entire Candy Shop drop consists of 12K unique NFT’s.  However, we will be dropping 3K at a time over the course of 4 drops.  Stay tuned on our Discord for all the drop details.

We have 12 SHOTS in the Candy Shop section on the SHOTS menu for our physical locations.  We created an NFT character for each one of these.  From each of these characters, we made 1K iterations broken down like so : 1 LEGENDARY, 200 SUPER RARE, 300 RARE and 499 COMMON.  Our LEGENDARY NFT’s are 3d animated while their 999 counterparts are static and differentiated by their many traits. 

Our NFT collection will be listed for sale on the OpenSea NFT marketplace.  You will find a link to our collection on this page.

The best answer to this question is to follow us on our Discord and pay very close attention to the house rules and everything our Moderators have to say in there.  We want you on the whitelist but only if you are as real about this as we are.

Our first drop of 3K pieces will go down sometime this Summer and subsequent drops will depend heavily on community engagement.  Follow us on Discord and join the movement to get the closest pulse on when our NFT’s will drop.

Whitelist mint will be limited to 2 while public sale will be limited to 3.  However, our whitelist community will be allowed to mint up to 5 at public sale.

Join the Community

All information will be released in the Discord. Join the discord to get latest updates and access.