New Orleans HOLIDAY
Party Packages

New Orleans is a city renowned for its vibrant celebrations, and is the ultimate destination for holiday festivities. Whether it’s Mardi Gras, Christmas, Hanukkah, Valentines Day, or any other meaningful holidays, finding the perfect party venue can be a blessing. 

SHOTS BAR is NOLA’s favorite party hotspot in the French Quarter. No matter the holiday, this is the destination for unparalleled entertainment and festive vibes. Get ready to discover your new favorite holiday party spot that will elevate your festivities to unforgettable heights. Join us and let the party begin!


Celebrate the holidays in style at SHOTS BAR, the ultimate venue for your next epic party in New Orleans. With electrifying energy, a sensational cocktails and SHOTS menu, and unbeatable entertainment, we’ll transform your party into an extraordinary affair. Get hypnotized by our live DJ and dance the night away to create memories that will last a lifetime!

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NOLA's Best Drink Menu

Get ready to satisfy your cravings with our incredible drink menu that will take your taste buds on a wild ride. Explore an entertaining selection of mouthwatering concoctions, including our renowned Signature SHOTS and expertly crafted cocktails. Get ready for a flavorful journey like no other!


Ignite your holiday celebration at SHOTS BAR, where we believe in embracing all holidays with an unique twist. Indulge in a sinful SHOTS selection that will set the stage for an incredible experience. From timeless classics like the Surfer on Acid to creatively crafted concoctions inspired by everyone’s beloved superheroes, candy, and breakfast delights, we’ll ensure your New Orleans holiday bash is a perfect blend of joy and cheers. 


Our creatively crafted cocktail menu is a masterpiece that will leave your guests cheering and grinning from ear to ear. Whether it’s vodka cocktails, whiskey wonders, or any of our tantalizing options, be prepared to tip your glasses this holiday season and sip on sensational flavors that will upgrade your party to exciting new levels!

F@^K IT Buckets

Unleash the spirit of celebration in the iconic French Quarter with our legendary F@^K IT Buckets. They are the life of the party, allowing holiday guests to carry their own cocktail bucket as they mingle and make merry. Treat your guests with F@^K IT Buckets and you will understand why SHOTS BAR is NOLA’s favorite holiday party venue.

HOLIDAY Party Drink Options

SHOTS BAR is the best party in New Orleans because we understand the value of options. Everyone has different preferences and tastes, but with our holiday party drink options, everyone can find something that keeps the celebration festive.

Call Drink Tickets

Our Call Drink Tickets grants your guests the power to savor their favorite drinks, featuring premium brands like SHOTS Vodka, 3 Olives, Bacardi Rum, Bombay Gin, Jack Daniels, Jameson Irish Whiskey, Crown Royal, and Casadores Tequila. With drink tickets priced at just $6 each, you can let the festivities begin without breaking the gift budget. 

*Additional 7% sales tax and a 20% service charge.

Top Shelf Drink Tickets

Toast to a sensational experience for your holiday party guests with our Top Shelf Drink Tickets. Elevate your festivities with top-shelf brands like Grey Goose, Ketel One, Ciroc, Bombay Sapphire Gin, Patron Tequila, Don Julio, Zacapa 23, Maker’s Mark, Crown Royal, Glenlivet Scotch, Johnnie Walker Black, and Hennessy VSOP. 

The best part? Our Top Shelf Drink Tickets are just $9 each, while offering a touch of class and excitement to your merry celebration.

*Additional 7% sales tax and a 20% service charge.


We know that everyone has different tastes, so with our Beer Tickets priced at just $6 each, your guests can indulge in their preferred choice, whether it’s the beloved domestic favorite, Bud Light, or Mexican and imported gems like Corona Extra Lager, Modelo, Heineken Lager, and Stella Artois. 


Get ready to toast to unforgettable memories, and treat yourself and your party to the ultimate holiday indulgence. Experience the perks of our Call Drink Tickets at an open bar for only $25 per person, per hour. For an elevated experience, opt for our Top Shelf Open Bar at just $35 per person, per hour. 

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There’s no questioning how SHOTS BAR became New Orleans’ favorite holiday party venue; we understand that every holiday is important and everyone deserves to celebrate in their own ways–especially if those celebrations call for SHOTS!

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