Why SHOTS is One of the Best Places to Have a Bachelorette Party

Updated for 2023

When it’s time to plan her bachelorette party in Florida, you need to find the best place for the party. What makes an unforgettable bachelorette party? Is it the drinks? The music? The people? The atmosphere? The answer is all of the above. And if you want the best bachelorette party, you need to plan it at SHOTS Bar.

Here are three reasons Shots Bar is the Best Place for a Bachelorette Party in Miami and Orlando.

Duh, We’ve Got the Best Drinks for a Bachelorette Party!

It’s in our name, SHOTS. If you and your girl are looking to throw back some delicious SHOTS and drinks, and get lit, you’ve come to the right place. Yes, we have tons of specialty SHOTS. A bachelorette party would not be complete without some Blow Job, Punani, and Just the Tip SHOTS.

And, if you want some drinks, we got them! How about a Dutch Mule, or a Magic City Mai Tai? And you know your bachelorette deserves a F@CK IT BUCKET.

The Best Atmosphere for a Bachelorette Party

Whether you join us in downtown Orlando or in Wynwood Miami, these places are meant for fun. Bright, colorful, and bold, both our original Miami location and our Orlando location are built for the best night out.

Besides colorful, artistic paintings and murals on the walls, you know we’ve got that cool lighting. As the night sky takes over, party underneath those bright lights and vibe to the music. Song after song, we keep those party vibes going. Put your hands up, put your drinks up, the best bachelorette party is happening now!

SHOTS Orlando

The Best People!

A bachelorette party needs people. Not just your bride squad, which is ultra-important, but the people making the party happen. Our staff loves celebrations. We love making it a big party with you.

Plus, there are all the other awesome people joining us for the night that is gonna make it fun too. Both of our SHOTS locations are the places to go to party. So we attract all the party people. Come celebrate with our team and our fellow SHOT callers.

Ultimately, choosing the best place for a bachelorette party in Miami, New Orleans, and Orlando is easy. SHOTS has party packages and bottle service just for the occasion to make sure it’s a memorable night that she won’t forget!

To book your bachelorette party just select Miami or Orlando, then fill out our contact form. Let’s go!