Who Do You Invite To a Bachelorette Party?

Updated for 2023

A bachelorette party can take on a completely different vibe depending on what you do. A night out will always feel different than a day at the spa. Because of this, a bride may end up tailoring her guest list according to what the activities are. Therefore, when you are planning a bachelorette party as a maid of honor, the first thing you want to do is talk to your bride about the kind of party she wants. Once you have an idea of what she’s interested in, she will be able to get you a guest list that suits her party. Remember that at the end of the day it is her party, not yours. Who you may have in mind for the bachelorette party may not be who she has in mind. 

Not everyone who is invited to the bachelorette party is going to be on board with everything that you plan. There may be some invitees who simply don’t want to come for personal or financial reasons. That’s why it is so important to communicate with the invitees about what the party will consist of early on so they can make their decision. 

Should You Invite Family to the Bachelorette?

This is a tricky question. Family may want to be included in the festivities, but it is ultimately the bride’s choice. Of course, the actual plans of the bachelorette party are going to impact whether or not the family would be comfortable being invited. For instance, an afternoon at a winery or a luxurious brunch may be the perfect occasion for family members to participate and join in the bachelorette party fun. However, if the bachelorette party plans include going out to a bar or spending the night at a club, it might be best to leave family at home. That said, each familial relationship is different, so be sure to speak to your bride about whether or not the family can participate in the bachelorette party.

One hard and fast rule about the bachelorette party is that is the bride is comfortable and happy. If the bride spends her entire bachelorette party worrying about a particular guest, she is not going to enjoy herself, and that is not the purpose of the bachelorette. The bride must clear all guests so she doesn’t end up on high alert the night of her bachelorette party.

Are Only the Bridesmaids Allowed?

Perhaps there was a time when only the bridesmaids attended the bachelorette party, but that time has long since passed. Many brides are more than happy to have a large bachelorette party with friends that didn’t necessarily make the cut into the bridal party. This can be a way to make sure that other friends still feel like they are a part of the festivities.

Of course, the other thing to keep in mind is that bachelorette parties are also not necessarily female only. Many brides have male friends that they want to invite to the party. If this is the case, make sure that you can accommodate them when you are planning. For instance, if you are planning a weekend away, you may have to make separate bookings for non-female guests so that everyone feels comfortable. As always, consult with the bride if you have any doubts about whether to include a particular friend. 

Can Coworkers Come to the Bachelorette Party?

This question boils down to the relationship that the bride has with the coworkers. If her coworkers are some of her closest friends, then by all means invite them. However, the last thing you want is a bride worried about what her coworkers will say about her after attending her bachelorette party. Your best bet is to check with the bride about how she feels and make sure that her coworkers are welcome. If you have any doubts, it’s best to err on the side of caution and leave the coworkers in the workplace. 

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