Who Pays for the Bachelor Party Celebration?

Updated for 2023

Any good bachelor party gets its success from setting and maintaining a budget. You can’t just make vague plans for a weekend and expect everything to fall into place. Planning and budgeting make sure that you and the rest of the attendees of the bachelor party know exactly what to expect when it comes to their financial responsibility. That leaves you with the question: how do you split the expenses?

Paying for the Bachelor Party Can Be Split Equally

This is where having the budget planned out ahead of time can be such a lifesaver. Pitching in equally reduces the financial burden on everyone, but it’s important to have a clear expectation in advance so that people don’t end up overspending when the time comes. This method is especially helpful when you are dealing with shared accommodations or transportation for the bachelor party group

However, this is not always a viable option in parties where someone or a few people have difficult financial circumstances. In those instances, you may need to come up with a solution to cover for those who can’t afford the festivities. 

You Can Pay for the Bachelor Party in Parts

If you are dealing with a weekend-long celebration, everyone may not be able to make every single event. This means that it would be unfair to have everyone chip in if they won’t even be there to attend. The best way to divide costs in this case would be to have people keep track of each activity that they attended and pay for their share of the activities individually. If this seems like a stressful way to do things, you can also pay in advance for everyone and then collect everyone’s share for the activities they participated in at the end of the bachelor party.

Make It Your Treat, Only If You Can

Let’s face it: having everyone chip in when one person can cover all the expenses can seem a bit unfair. If you are able to afford it as the best man, you can cover all the expenses. There may also be one of the groomsmen who can afford to cover everyone’s expenses, and if they volunteer, they can take care of it themselves. This requires a lot of generosity, but if you have the money, this could be a nice gesture that you could do for the groom. It would also make you a memorable best man. 

Does the Groom Ever Pay for the Bachelor Party?

The only real time that the groom would pay for anything is if the bachelor party was taking place out of town. If the bachelor party expenses include airfare or if the groom wants a private room in the hotel instead of sharing a room with others, he can pay for himself. There may be other attendees who think otherwise and if that is the case, be prepared to take a poll and go with the majority opinion. Even in these situations, however, you will still be responsible for the groom’s drinks and food for the entirety of the party, whether it lasts a weekend or a night.

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