Should You Bring a Gift to the Bachelorette Party?

Bachelorette parties have been a tradition for decades. Often, the bride-to-be will go out with her friends and relatives to celebrate before she gets married.

Unlike with bachelor parties, if you are invited to a bachelorette party, it typically has been appropriate to bring something as a present.

With that said, times have changed and it isn’t necessarily the case anymore. In fact, most people say it isn’t necessary.

So, should you bring a gift to a bachelorette party?

The safest bet is to ask the maid of honor or party host if gifts are expected. Chances are, they won’t be, but if they are, she will likely give some ideas.

Of course, you can always go the “funny” or “safe” route with gifts to be on the safe side. That way if you’re the only one with a gift, you won’t feel awkward.

Some “safe” gifts for the bride-to-be are:

  • A bottle of wine
  • A “bride” hat or T-shirt
  • Some lingerie for the “special night”
  • A “bride to be” sash
  • Inflatable man
  • Pink fluffy handcuffs
  • Sexy “bride” slippers

Of course, you could always just buy her a drink (or SHOT(s)). That, in most cases, will be what she is expecting, if anything.

Ultimately, choosing the best place for a bachelorette party in Miami, Orlando or New Orleans will be the most important. SHOTS has party packages just for the occasion to make sure it’s a memorable night that she won’t forget!