Should You Bring a Gift to the Bachelor Party?

A bachelor party is a big deal. It’s the last night of freedom for the groom before he starts his life with his new wife. And it’s also an opportunity to celebrate and have some fun before settling down into marriage.

When planning the best bachelor party ever, you probably are wondering if you should bring gifts?

Let’s dig in as to whether or not you should bring a gift to a bachelor party.

Should You Buy a Gift?

Unlike bridal showers, bachelor parties are traditionally purely social events. It is less formal and structured than a bridal shower, and every guy pays for himself or herself and part of the future groom’s tab.

You could buy a “gag gift”, but whether you buy one or not, the same rule applies to bachelor parties: no present is necessary. Usually just paying for yourself and pitching in for the party (and SHOTS, obviously 😉 is good enough.

If You Really Want To Get a Gift

If you really want to get him something, you could ask the bride or best man what to get him. Otherwise, you could buy something from his Amazon wish list or just buy him a bottle of his favorite alcohol.

But, we suggest you stick with “fun” gifts for the guys. If you want to buy him a gag gift, there is plenty of things out there that will make him LOL and remember his “last night of freedom”. These are just some ideas:

  • An inflatable lady
  • A funny T-shirt
  • A pair of pink fluffy handcuffs
  • A beer helmet

Just focus on making the night memorable. We’re sure being at the best place for a bachelor party in Orlando, Miami, or New Orleans with his best buds will be a night he won’t forget.