How to Plan a Bachelorette Party

Any good bachelorette party can be planned if you have a little idea of what your timeline should look like. By spreading out planning activities over several months instead of trying to accomplish everything just before the party, you’ll be able to give the bride–and yourself–a stress-free, incredible time.

When She Gets Engaged

The moment the bride gets engaged is the moment that the clock starts ticking. If the bride has a short length of time for her wedding, you won’t want to waste any of it. Talk to the bride about what kind of party she wants. There is a stereotype of what bachelorette parties should be, but that does not necessarily mean that it is what she wants. Be sure to put her desires first, and don’t forget to compile a list of people who she wants at the party. Get all of their contact information as soon as possible, so you can begin the planning in earnest.

At Least 4 Months Before the Bachelorette

The next step in the planning process is to contact all the potential invitees. You’ll want to get an idea of who can attend the bachelorette party by giving them information about location and dates. Be sure to set a deadline for when people should RSVP, so you can begin booking venues and other things. There are many things that need to be booked at this point, including transportation. Transportation often gets forgotten amidst the list of accommodations and dinner reservations. However, the last thing that you want is to be worrying about the day of is how you’re going to get from one place to the next. 

The other thing to be wary of is giving yourself and the rest of the invitees downtime. It can be tempting to schedule as many activities as possible, but restful moments can be just as exciting. It also accounts for things going amiss. If your schedule is too packed, you won’t be able to give people extra time to get ready or stop for gas or take care of all the other little things that may come up.

2-3 Months Away From the Party

With only a few months left, it’s time to focus on the fun details of the party. This is the point where you’ll want to plan and order the swag that you and the rest of the bachelorette party will be sporting. Like everything else, it has to fit the bride’s tastes. This means that if you’re doing a classy night at an upscale restaurant, you cannot buy matching glittery tank tops. Be sure to get everyone’s sizes and money so you can have some buffer if things don’t get delivered on time. You may decide to keep everything until the day of so that no one loses their swag–or forgets it at home–or you may decide to send everything out as soon as you get it. Regardless of what choice you make, be firm about your expectations regarding what is expected of the bridal party for their wardrobe.

2-4 Weeks Left Until The Event

This is crunch time. At this point, you will want to double-check with the invitees to make sure they haven’t forgotten about the party. This should also be the point that you confirm all reservations. If anything is wrong or anyone has last-minute cancellations, this would be the time to work all that out. The beauty of this step in the process is that you should be relatively close to being done with everything. That means that this step should simply be you ticking off all the items on your to-do list and getting excited about the day of. 

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