Shots for SHOTS: Free RX Shot With Your Florida Vaccine Card

At SHOTS we like to Practice Safe Shots. It’s been a rough year hasn’t it? But we’re getting hyped because COVID-19 vaccinations are becoming available for all Floridians age 18 and older. So we’re offering you a shot for shot. It’s a FREE SHOT for getting your vaccine shot!

Go get your vaccine, wherever you can get one, doesn’t matter which one – whatever works for you. Then come get a free “RX Shot” from us. This special “RX Shot” is a special dose of excitement! Soon we’ll all be past this. Soon we can all get back to normal, but we need to do this together to make it happen.

To get your FREE “RX Shot” for getting your vaccine shot, just bring along your CDC vaccination card, flash it to your bartender at either SHOTS Miami or SHOTS Orlando, and you’ll be sucking it down in no time. This offer is good for one “RX Shot” per person per day. This special offer can be discontinued at anytime without notice.

So tell your friends, ’cause getting your shot is hot. We can’t wait to Practice Safe Shots with you soon!