Bar Etiquette: How to Act at a Bar & What NOT To Do

Things you should not do at a bar

If you’re looking to have a good time at a bar in Miami or Orlando (or anywhere for that matter), there are some things you should definitely avoid.

Bars bring the best and, unfortunately, the worst out of people. While most nights are fun and entertaining for both patrons and staff, it isn’t always like that.

So, what should you NOT do at a bar?

From picking fights with strangers to getting too drunk, here are some things you should never do at a bar!

Don’t Try To Start Fights

One of the quickest ways to ruin your night is to start a fight with someone. Not only is it dangerous, but it’s also likely to get you kicked out of the bar.

Don’t Drink Too Much

It’s easy to let loose and drink too much when you’re at a bar, but doing so can lead to all sorts of problems. Not only will you likely end up getting sick, but you could also wind up in a lot of trouble.

Don’t Be Rude To The Bartenders or Servers

The staff at a bar are there to help make your night enjoyable, so be polite and respectful to them. If you’re rude or uncooperative, they may not be too inclined to help you out.

Don’t Flash Your Money

It’s never a good idea to flash your money around in a bar, as it can make you a target for thieves. Instead, keep your cash hidden and only spend what you need to.

Don’t Tip Badly

If you don’t think the service was good, that’s your opinion, but it’s still important to tip your bartender or server. A bad tip is worse than no tip at all.

Don’t Be Loud and Obnoxious

It’s ok to have a good time at a bar but be sure to keep your noise level down. Being loud and obnoxious will only make it difficult for other people to enjoy themselves.

Don’t Take Up Too Much Space

If you’re at a busy bar, be sure to leave some space for other people. Taking up too much space will only make it difficult for others to move around.

Don’t Ask For Free Drinks

It’s never ok to ask for free drinks from the bartender, no matter how drunk you are. You should always be prepared to pay for whatever you order.

Don’t Leave a Mess

Make sure to clean up after yourself when you’re done drinking. Leaving a mess for the bar staff to deal with is not only rude, but it can also get you in trouble.

Do have a good time! Just be sure to follow these simple tips and you’ll avoid any potential problems. Cheers!