Bachelorette Party Rules

Every good bachelorette party has a set of rules to keep the party fun. While these rules are not set in stone, you can think of these bachelorette party ideas as general guidelines that will ensure that you–and the bride–have an incredible time. 

1. The Party Should Reflect the Bride

It’s easy to get swept up in planning the absolute best night for the bride and forget that she has a say in what she wants. That’s why it’s important to speak to her about what she has in mind for her big night before you begin planning anything. Once you have an idea of what she wants, you can begin the planning process and start looking for bachelorette party ideas. However, don’t forget to keep her informed if you make any big decisions–like destination parties–so she can approve or disapprove certain plans.

2. The Bride Doesn’t Pay

Depending on what the night entails, you will be responsible for the bride’s expense. Sometimes this means covering her drinks at the bar or chipping in to pay for her hotel room. Regardless, be sure to get on the same page with the rest of the bridal party, so that everyone knows what to expect financially. 

3. Account for Different Budgets

Before you make any concrete plans, be sure to consult with the invitees of the party to see what their budgets are. While you and the bride may want a whole weekend at a luxury resort, not everyone that you want to attend may be able to afford it. Take this into account and coordinate with the invitees to see what your limits are. 

4. You Can Party Hard in One Night

There is so much that you can do in one night. The best parties are the ones that don’t drag on too long. This means that you do not have to devote an entire weekend–or longer–to the bachelorette party. There are many ways to take advantage of one night, including getting a limo, bottle service, or even having your own private VIP section in a place like SHOTS. 

5. Not Just the Bridal Party Is Invited

Don’t limit yourself to the people in the bridal party. This is especially true if the bridal party is a small, intimate group. Talk to the bride to see how many people she is envisioning at the party then make a list of potential invitees. While having too many people can result in having some people feeling left out, having a large group can make the night even better. 

One of the Best Bachelorette Party Ideas

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