When Did Bachelorette Parties Start?

Bachelorette parties are an expected part of any wedding celebration. The bride gets together with people that she loves and celebrates in a way that fits her personality and wishes. There are few of us who will not know a bride who has had a bachelorette party. However, were bachelorette parties always a part of the wedding tradition? Have bachelorette parties always taken the form that they take on today? Where does the term bachelorette parties even come from? Explore these questions further to see how we got to the bachelorette parties we know and love.

Bachelorette Party History

There are many who argue that bachelorette parties come from the tradition of bachelor parties that emerged in the US. However, abroad, there are many bachelorette party traditions that arose on their own from rituals that would be performed by the bride before her wedding.

In fact, in the UK and other parts of the world, the term bachelorette parties is often substituted by the term hen parties. This is because hen parties used to refer to an all-female gathering that typically involved tea and chatting. Famously, Eleanor Roosevelt hosted a hen party for wives of the cabinet members and the ladies of the press during Christmas time.

It took many years for the bachelorette party to become what it is today. This is because, for centuries, women were simply not given the freedom to hold their own parties for their departure from single life. Men were the originators of the bachelor party as far back as the 5th century when Spartans would host a dinner for a groom to celebrate him and toast to his new married life. These celebrations shifted and changed over the years, but one thing stayed the same: they were exclusively for men.

It wasn’t until recent decades that women started hosting their own parties to toast the end of their single life. These parties were often modeled after their bachelor party counterparts until the end of the 20th century where they became more diverse in activities and attendees. While bachelorette parties of the past may have been for the bride’s family and intimate acquaintances, bachelorette parties of today have many attendees and they are not limited exclusively to the women in the bride’s life.

What Are They Like Today?

Bachelorette parties today do not have one uniform look. They take on many shapes and sizes according to the preferences of the bride. Some brides prefer more quiet affairs with close friends while others may want a night of nonstop partying with everyone they know. Parties can take place in a club, a restaurant, a museum, a hotel, a spa, a concert, and even a campsite. The limit is no longer in place as it was in the past because many of these venues expect and even welcome bachelorettes. This means that brides can customize their parties to their exact preferences with the help of their maids of honor.

Even the term party doesn’t quite suit the variety of bachelorette parties that you’ll find today. Brides can choose to have dinner at a restaurant just as they did in years past at bachelor dinners. These types of events suit practical brides who want to be able to chat with their guests while enjoying great food. Of course, this is not the only type of party available.

Some brides may not want their party to end in one night. They may choose to hold a bachelorette weekend where there are multiple activities scheduled for the bride and her bridal party to participate in. These are great for larger groups because it gives the bachelorette the opportunity to socialize with everyone at different times instead of having to cram all the socialization into one night.

Of course, there may be the bachelorette who still wants to hold a standard party at a bar. Even these parties can be dolled up and made special with venues that tailor parties to suit brides. This way, the bride can still feel like the star of the show even in a crowded bar.

Having a Bachelorette Party in Miami and Orlando?

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