SHOTS is a brand, a lifestyle and a family.

Our colorful logo, exciting menu, excellent staff, prime location, and overall attention to detail sets us apart from ordinary bars. Our unique concept, innovative bar setup, and overall moving pieces makes us different from anything you’ve ever seen before!

To us, SHOTS is more than a bar in the city. SHOTS is a way of life. It’s for the sophisticated party goer that knows how to get their money’s worth. It’s for the laid back individual that doesn’t mind breaking out of their shell from time to time. SHOTS is a family.

We aim to make your experience with us as pleasurable as possible. We believe you will find all the best nightlife has to offer at a fair value and with minimal hassle (if you abide by the house rules of common sense ). We offer a minimal hassle experience where you can feel safe, enjoy yourself, be yourself or get into character by sporting some of our famous props. You never know what you are going to get at SHOTS.

We host popular theme parties and we completely blow the roof off the house on HALLOWEEN where you are encouraged to bring your own props. Our creative team is constantly looking for your next prop experience. We have listened to your feedback and fine-tuned our prop game. Come back often and see which props you can take home with you this time. At SHOTS, With every SHOT, comes a story where you are the STAR!

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